Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the chaotuutts : )

`the CHAOtuts : )

My friends , beloved friends . For once I've actually felt that I've been appreciated by friends . Never once I felt this way . I've always been betrayed by the ones I trusted most before . But now I'm glad I have them :) Yes maybe I do not know them well enough yet , But so far they've been an awesome friend guiding me all this way . They LOVE me & I LOVE them too :)
First of all , Yong JunYi `Mickey WanSean , & Cookies :)
These 3 friends of mine , they have never neglected me in anyways . Anywhere or shall I say Everywhere they plan to go , or anyhow any functions they will sure definitely call me along :) They will never leave me out , 4 of us will always call each other out when we have any plans going on :) yumcha session , outings , movie , & shopping spree . I'm really glad for knowing them i've never regretted since the day I know them until now . When I have my difficulties in my problem , whether it's love crisis or family crisis or friend crisis , they are ALWAYS there for me by my side when I need them most . A shoulder to cry on , & they'll put a smile :) on my face !

As times goes by , we will get to know each other better & more :) That's when we build our friendship more , :) I hope that this friendship will never end . You are the BEST .

FriendsForever , aii ni men ai dao baooo <3

Love ,
CherylTehShuYing :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


today was just an ordinary normal day . woke up in the afternoon & had nasi lemak for branch :)
then got baack to my bed & slept . don't know why felt so tired . slept till about in the evening woke up , got up & wash up for dinner . had dinner at a steamboat buffet with family nearby my area :) was superb full . god knows why today i ate so much "MEAT" my sister thought i was crazy literally .then after that we head to digital mall , to get printer ink :) next stop was oneutama , popular bookstore :) sister wants to get her books , but ending up there don't have the books she want , so we head home after . that's about my day for today , but somehow or rather i don't know why am i feeling so down & felt like im just in darkness , My eyes are like "panda" eyes now .

i think for now , that's about it . will update more soon :)

When it rains you don't see the sun , but it's there
Hope we can be like that ,
We don't always see each other ,
But we will always be there for each other <3

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


`MapleStory`Bankai`PrivateServer`Scania :)

recently just started maplestory back : )
but it's private server ! bankai , scania . Been really bored nowadays so i play for the fun of it .
Anyways more updates to come ! cause i'm dead tired , heading to bed now !
NIGHTS all <3>

`the latest me : )

`The ctsy aka CherylTehShuYing `

Okay finally ive decided to update my blog . So much has been happening lately , I dont even know what's actually the right and the wrong thing anymore . Im no longer the girl who knows which is correct or wrong , true or false . I feel so lost now in this world . After ending all this I felt heartbroken my heart seems so empty without you , only you knew who i was , what i am, what i love , where I like to go . Where what how everything about me , you're just the only one that knows , even my own mom don't know me that well as you . I really don't mind that you're gone , my heart will just be fill with emptyness . I dont hope nor wish for more , even getting to see or glance you for a far sight is more than enough than to dream to have you . Getting to talk , wave , hug , text or call on the cell phone , Im more than enough happy & dare not to wish for more. Its like just a miracle , you never knew how i felt because ive never told you . Imissyou alot , so much that no one ever knows . My life is just so complicated & confusing now . I just hope i can go thru this & get over and done with , if it's as simple as it seems . This is not studying abc , So i know . Its difficult . Nothing is easy in this world , Ive promised myself that I will stay strong & go thru all this day by day , if not one day I will faint by the roadside and no one knows about it. Im afraid that ill step my foot back into the world of darkness and shallow place where i can see no lights , :(

` I don't want to say I miss you , though deep inside I do
Cause I'm afraid you might see through ,
Know how much I'm scared of losing someone like you <3

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TropicanaCityMall :)

`TropicanaCityMall :)

So it's at night already , suppose to follow lennon out in the afternoon , then tak jadi ,
suppose to have dinner with him mum , korean food also tak jadi .
So i remembered my friend zhi was hacing this event in TCM :) but by the time I go the event already ended . But she will still be there , & was supposed to have dinner with her
then she told me she have to makan with the committee members , then i remembered daniel
got comment on my status , about smthng so i asked him to come to TCM along :)
CAUSE he stay so near ! So i know he will come for me :P Right dlyx ? After that left the house
and went there , met zhi in the middle of the stage there she intro me to her 2 guy friends ,
which i think is very siao de . Haha ! Back to the point after that I waited for daniel to come , while zhi went to eat dinner already , So when daniel came we decided to try the new shop in TCM vivo , in curve also got . It's like a pizza shop :)
after that , i went for movie , with another friend of mine :)
watched `the fantastic water babes` :)

It was stupid laaa that movie , anyways let the pictures do the talking ! :D

Dlyx , DanielLeeYongXin :)

loves <3

Morning yumcha's sessions :)

`Morning yumcha's sessions :)

My brother ChanLennon :)
Anyways , most of the morning will surely yumcha with my bro , brandon , jon & me .
Eating almost same food every morning weih , damn sien ! Haha .
That's about it , I was too bored so I camwhored with my bro :)

`here are the pictures :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The recents updates :)

`The recents updates :)

`TheDingDong Family :)`

Got to know alottt of new friends :) I have a new pet brother named Chan Lennon !
His one awesome brother , serious shit. Love him till bites ! :) Haha . Whenever I'm in problems and all he will always be there for me , his loves me as his sister of course DUH ! :D
& one of his buddy name Brandon Gavin :) sorry i revil
ed your last name , knwing him on the first day he bought me a zippo ? and a pair of earring , which we both have one side each !
I know so sweet kan ? :) His an awesome dingdo
ng , love him ti the max , :D
his always there for me as well when i'm like emo ans shits , but one thing i hate most is
making him pissed off over m
e , and seenig him being angry . It's so scary !
Like ohmygod weih you can diie seeing him so angry with that face.
our lepak place mostly is at pyramid :) eating in kimgary or wujia , never change venue .
Unless we want to eat somewhere else . Hmm recently we've been going out afew times edy i think
with my brother lennon , jesseca , jeffrey piong :)
latest update went to chee10 with brandon , and my childhood friends :) my this good brother
is a FFK king he named himself that ! so yeah , he ffked me and brandon because
he can't wake up laa , how nice can that be .

now currently having my finals for my first sem , can't wait till it's actually over ,
but even it's over I wont even have a peaceful life for now . Yes at some part I am happy .
In another side of it nope I'm under alot of pressure and stress , about shit loads of things

then my so called boyf bef
ore this "äexchewsoonteck"
his like somehow or rather out from my life , cause we broke up already .
I think most people that knew th
is is very happy for me , haha .
cause ive been treated this way even when we are friends , so yeah .
we just have to move on :)
now some little pictures for updates !

will update another post real soon!
loves :)

My sister ElaineTeh :)

This is my brother ChanLennon :)

This is The one and only dingdong brandon :)